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Customized Spa Facials

All LC's Customized Spa Facials include an initial analysis of your skin to determine the most appropriate treatment for you. We start with a deep cleanse and pH tone, extractions of impurities are performed if needed and followed by gentle bio+peels., exfoliation and soothing steam to soften and smooth your skin. Then use a combination of masks and therapeutic facial massage is applied. We finish with an application geared to correct any issues your skin is experiencing.

Each unique facial treatment selected is based on the individual's skin the and focus on the needs of your skin. Customized Spa Facials are very soothing yet result oriented treatments.

Therapeutic Anti-Aging Facial        90 minutes   $110
This facial works to repair sun damaged skin by boosting cell turnover, fading hyper pigmentation, and smoothing fine lines. For excess facial volume such as a double chin, fatty eye lids, or puffiness due to fluid retention. To reduce wrinkles, fine lines, lift, tighten and tone your skin.

Aromatherapy Facial  
                               70 minutes   $95
This treatment focuses on blending fine essential oils and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Points Massage Techniques to help stimulate the senses, giving your skin a healthy glow, and increase the well-being.

Acne Purifying Facial
                                 70 minutes   $95
This concentrated facial provides deep cleansing for the congested pores, extraction of impurities to help treat acne and blemishes while refining the skin texture.

JadeStone Facial                                         
70 minutes   $98
Enjoy the Chinese JadeStone Facial treatment. This facial provides alternatively sedative and re-energizing response to relax and tone your stressed skin.

Signature Facial                                                     60 minutes   $90
This is our signature facial treatment  to relax, hydrate, tone and stimulate a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrient rich blood to your skin.

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